The Roaming Royalty album recipe consists of borrowing engaging, layered vocals from their heroes Queen and Muse, add a healthy dose of piano stylings from piano-gods Elton, Billy, and Ben, and sprinkle a modest amount of synth noises leftover from the 80′s. Flavor with guitar and drums and you have Audio Bacon.

Thick layers of instrumentation fronted by the layered vocals of Charles Kraut and Todd Dunnigan make up this sonic delight. Lyrically Roaming Royalty go for hooks while aiming for poignancy by writing about subjects like human rights activist Beate Sirota Gordon in “The Only Woman in the Room”

To put it another way, the subjects in Roaming Royalty’s songs are almost always experiencing or causing major changes, be it in their own world or in the world around all of us. Changes may be catastrophic at times, like the apocalypse in “Red Morning Joy” but the tone of the album is overwhelmingly optimistic.

Roaming Royalty will be on tour starting in August of 2010 and will start with dates on the west coast and continuing across the midwest and ending on the east coast later in 2011. The band will be recording their new album during that time in their uniquely modified van/studio. Live they are joined buy pals Ben Mish on drums and Miguel Pineda on multi instruments.

Websites where you can see and hear the band. Search ‘Roaming Royalty’ at;
Reverbnation, MySpace, iTunes, facebook, Amazon, Napster, eMusic, Lala, Amie Street and of course Google.

Contact Roaming Royalty at any of the above websites, they are all checked often.